Super Coat - oral pastes

Categories: oral supplement

  • Place the paste on the nose or paw of the cat and they will lick it off. Feed each cat individually. Can be added to feed

  • Biotin – for healthier roots follicles and stronger hair
    B-complex – to boost metabolism and bring a nice lustre to the coat
    Anti-oxidants – reduce effect of free radicals which can effect hair quality and skin
    Chelated zinc – zinc is an important component of keratin the basic building block of hair and skin
    M.S.M. (methylsulfinylmethane) – natural anti-inflammatory source of biological sulphur

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Coat Conditioner & Skin Support Use Super Coat to Support:
Good coat and skin condition
Dull coats and excessive shedding
Dry skin, irritations and itching
Cats for showing

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