Viverosan Komplex B

Category: vitamins

  • Viverosan Komplex B is given with the feed or administered using the enclosed mouth syringe Vitalisation: 15 – 25 ml / day
    High pregnant mares from mid-9th month of pregnancy: 15 ml / day
    Foals: 10 – 15 ml for initial supply of newborn foals, then every second day 10 ml

  • Crude protein 1.5%, crude fat 0, 2.9% ash, 0.2% sodium, moisture content 41%

  • Saccharose, Zuckerrübenmelasse, Traubenzucker

  • Nutritional additives: Vitamin B1 1,600 mg, vitamin B2 1,120 mg, vitamin B6 1,000 mg, vitamin B12 15,000 μg, vitamin K3 300 mg, nicotinic acid 1,100 mg, folic acid 1,050 mg, pantothenic acid 1,082 mg, iron (chelate) 2,800 mg, iron (sulfate) 2,800 mg, copper (sulfate) 137 mg, copper (chelate) 136 mg, zinc (chelate) 2,900 mg, zinc (chloride) 2,900 mg, selenium 5.0 mg.

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Liquid concentrate of trace elements and vitamins to promote healthy development, red blood cell production, and improved performance
• For additional supply of vitamins and trace elements
• For the heavily pregnant mare and foals
• Enhances vitality and improves general condition
Viverosan Komplex B is a concentrate, which provides all essential nutrients to ensure healthy growth, optimal blood production and performance. The trace elements support healthy skeletal developmentand cartilage formation.
Vitamin-B-Komplex and iron increase the basal energy rate and support blood production. Formulated to complement the daily diet in the absence of optimal feeding- or keeping conditions or in case of high demand of vitamins and trace elements.

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