Multi boost oral pastes

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  • Vitamins (B,C,E)
    Trace Elements
    Omega 3 and 6

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Vitamins and Trace Elements
B Vitamins
Thiamine B1
Riboflavin B2
Nicotinic acid B3
Pantotenic acid B5
Pyridoxine B6
Cynacobalamin B12
Folic acid B9
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Trace Elements Chelated Zinc
Omega 3
Omega 6
Natural Vitamin E
Source of Vitamin E in all Pet Products
Natural Vitamin E – more potent form of vitamin E (contains the D form only, synthetic contains equal amounts of both d & L isomers)
Play a significant role in metabolism, immunity and health
Stress, disease and cold weather increase requirements
Deficiency can lead to poor behaviour
Important vitamins for dogs recovering from illness or surgery
Anti-oxidants Vitamin A, E, and C
Play an important role in reventing cell damage
Boost the immune system
Important for healing, dogs with skin conditions, heart conditions, urinary tract infections etc
Metal Amino Acid Chelates
Mineral Chelates Used to absorb, transport and store minerals
Protect minerals from getting into trouble
Play key roles in the body
Examples of Natural Mineral Chelates Haemoglobin - Iron
Chlorophyll - Magnesium
Vitamin B12 - Cobalt
Comparing Metal Amino Acid Chelates with other “protected” minerals
• MAAC are absorbed intact across the gut wall
• Unlike Proteinates and Polysaccharide Complexes which have to be broken down before they can be absorbed.
Omega Oils – Cod Liver Oil
• Omega fatty acids are area group of essential fats i.e. they must be btained through the diet and cannot be ynthesized by the body.
• Cod Liver Oils is High in natural Vitamin A
• Source of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) –strong natural anti inflammatory
Omega 3 – Flax Oil
Aids the reduction of inflammation
Particularly helpful in reducing joint inflammation
Coat, skin and hair
Cardiovascular – heart health, helps prevent heart disease
• Used in Herbal Medicine for Centuries
• Associated with boosting the mmune system- particularly against viral nfections
• Increases number and size of white blood cells
• Increases red blood cells
• Anti-inflammatory effect
Plays and important role in fatty acid transport
Deficiency associated with increased risk of heart problems
Larger breeds are more prone to deficiency
Multi Boost is an Ideal Supplement for:
As a tonic or boost for dogs
Dogs on weight reduction program
Dogs recovering from any veterinary treatment
Breeding dogs or pregnant bitches
Lactating bitches
Working and hunting dogs
Puppies especially after weaning

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