Category: digestion and ulcer

  • with food

  • crude protein 1.1 % crude fat 97.8 %, crude fibre 0.4 % crude ash 0.2 %, sodium 0,1 %

  • linen oil, rape seed oil , sunflower oil, soy bean oil, milk thistle fruit 2,5%, artichoke leaves 2.1 %, yeast 2 %, gentian root 1 %, caraway seed 1 %, rhubarb root 1 %, 1%, peppermint leaves 1 %, liquorice root 1 %, celandine 1 %, turmeric root 1 %

  • Lecithin 50,000mg

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Liquid feed supplement to support a balanced digestive functions
.Yeast, together with herbal extracts, promote an optimal gastric and intestinal environment and work to provide optimum gut conditions
• Stabilises the flora of the colon
• To prevent and aftercare colic diseases
Equikolan is a unique combination of vegetable components and deactivated yeasts designed to support digestive functions.
Turmeric root soothes the stomach wall and bowel mucosa; reduces flatulence and constipation
Milk thistle and artichoke support the liver functions
Gentian root and rhubarb root boost the digestive process
Camomile soothes the bowel mucosa and reduces cramps and inflammation
Peppermint leaves and caraway seed reduce flatulence and cramps
Liquorice root soothes the stomach wall
Celandine soothes irritated bowels
Yeast (deactivated cells of saccharomyces cerevisiae var. elipsoideus):
- stops the spread of undesirable bacteria in the bowel
- supports the recovery of the natural intestinal microflora
- stimulates the immune system

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