Electrolyte Plus

category: plusvital

  • 25 g after exercise. Dilute 25 g into 10 L (one bucket) of drinking water. May also be mixed with the evening feed or used to make a saline drench. A 25 g measure is provided.

  • Vitamin E 400 mg, Vitamin C 2,000 mg, Sodium 5,000 mg, Chlorides 10,220 mg, Glucose 1,489 mg, Potassium 2,950 mg, Magnesium 250 mg.

  • Improved formulation - increase in electrolyte salts
    Less than 6% glucose which reduces the glycaemic impact
    2,000mg of Vitamin C per dose for immune support
    Magnesium to aid recovery of muscle tissue
    Palatable apple flavour to encourage the horse to drink
    Easily dissolves in water

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Unique apple-flavoured preparation that combines electrolyte salts with anti-oxidants to aid recovery after exercise. Our new formulation has increased levels of electrolyte salts as well as reduced sugar levels.
Plusvital Electrolyte Plus is designed to replace essential salts that can be lost through high intensity activity. The loss of these salts through sweating can lead to reduced performance and delayed recovery as they are vital for many functions within the body, including muscle contraction, the nervous system and maintenance of the correct fluid balance. Electrolyte Plus contains these salts in an appropriate balance while also providing anti-oxidant ingredients to support recovery. This reduces the glycaemic impact placed on the horse.

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