category: muscle support and growth

  • Performance horses in training and competition - 50 g dose mixed daily with feed. A 25 g measure is provided.

  • Vitamin E 2,500 mg, Mixture of Natural Polyphenols (Vitamin E , equivalent) 1,000 mg, Vitamin C 2,000 mg, Organic Selenium 0.5 mg, Magnesium 2,000 mg.

  • Vitamin E for its well known anti-oxidant properties
    Organic Selenium which prevents cell membranes from free radicals
    Addition of Vitamin C to help support the immune system
    Magnesium to promote muscle recovery
    Naturally derived blend of Polyphenols for anti-inflammatory properties

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free radicals

Increasing free radicals can cause stress, inflammation, and muscle damage and reduce horse power.

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Innovative anti-oxidant support for the performance horse.
Designed to support performance horses during training with high concentrations of anti-oxidants, Vitamins E & C as well as natural Polyphenols and organic Selenium. Anti-oxidants are molecules needed to prevent damage caused by free radical build up. The extra athletic effort exerted by the performance horse through exercise can accelerate the generation of free radicals in the body. Therefore performance horses may need extra anti-oxidant supplementation as the amount of free radicals generated may be in excess of the levels of anti-oxidants provided in their basic feed.

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